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A source of nutritional benefits, flax seeds are very good for your health. Flax is a product with medicinal qualities and virtues.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds contain a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids. They reduce the cholesterol level, prevent cardiovascular diseases…

Pumpkin seeds

Extracted from pumpkin, pumpkin seeds have diuretic properties. In addition to their taste, they soothe disorders of the urinary system.

Chia seeds

In addition to facilitating transit, chia seeds treat cardiovascular disease, strengthen the back and teeth, moisturize the skin …

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds can be used to decorate pastries and dishes. This antioxidant product contains vitamins, iron and protein.

Sunflower seeds

They are a great addition to salads, muffins and pasta. Snacking on sunflower seeds when you’re feeling peckish is a good idea.

What are the secrets of a balanced diet?

Gluten-free nutrition

A lot of people are allergic to gluten. This type of diet is indispensable for those who suffer from celiac disease, i.e. those who are intolerant to gluten. Today, the gluten-free diet has become very trendy and has satisfied many celebrities. It became easy to find great gluten-free friendly restaurants anywhere you go on Stores locator.There are various gluten-free foods: buckwheat, rice, polenta, corn flour, quinoa, potatoes, pulses, gluten-free bread… Eating bread from flowers, crunchy breads made from gluten-free flour makes it possible to ingest food without too many additives.People with gluten intolerance may have some symptoms such as nausea, stomach aches, cramps.

Vary your diet while demanding better quality!

A world of flavour!

Flours & Grindings

There are two main categories of flours: normal flour from wheat milling and special flours (barley flour, rye flour, spelt flour, five-grain flour, etc.).

Vegetarian meals

Easily prepare a meal by simmering vegetarian pasta or choose complete and appetizing recipes by preparing meatless dishes such as risotto or omelette.

Seeds & Dried Fruits

When looking for seeds and dried fruit, buy oilseeds, seed mixes (antioxidant seeds, multi-vitamins, proteins) or dried fruit packets (raisins, almonds).

Chia seed, the natural appetite suppressant

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