Lose weight

Slimming and fitness programs: which products to choose?

Obesity has become a public health issue in several developed countries. Weight loss is therefore becoming a necessity, even an obligation, for some people. However, it is difficult to choose from the plethora of weight-loss programs available on the market….

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Mediterranean diet

What is the Mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean diet is a dietary pattern that is complemented by the practice of physical exercise and the climate of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, and which has multiple health benefits. In terms of…

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Weight training

Bodybuilding is the sport of developing muscle fibres through a combination of strength training, increased calorie intake and rest. Competitive bodybuilders display their physique in a panel of judges who award points. Although initially a male research, in the 1980s,…

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Going on a diet

Dieting is the practice or habit of eating (and drinking) in a regulated manner, usually for the purpose of weight loss. It is also used in some cases to gain weight or to regulate the amount of certain nutrients entering…

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How to succeed in losing those unsightly extra pounds?

Today with the great evolution of the food market, it is not uncommon to come across people who are overweight. Studies have determined that more and more people are putting more and more weight on the scales and this is…

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Weight loss

In the context of physical health, weight loss is the process of losing body weight, usually by losing fat. To achieve healthy weight loss, most experts recommend a combination of healthy eating patterns and regular exercise. Some people try to…

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