In common thinking, fast food is synonymous with poor quality food, poor lifestyle and even junk food. This is not necessarily so. Lunch on the go can be both healthy and tasty. The trick is to choose healthy ingredients and thus properly maintain your well-being and health.

From sandwiches to organic ingredients

The sandwich is one of the flagship symbols of fast food. However, it is still an excellent food for those who have a relatively short lunch break. The trick is to ensure that it is a breakfast on the go that is unmatched in flavour and does not harm the health of the person eating it. For a healthy lunch break, it may be a good idea to eat a sandwich with organic ingredients. For this, you will need organic bread and a filling that can be very healthy, such as organic chicken, organic meat, organic deli meats, vegetables, including grated carrots or salad. This healthy delicacy should be eaten with a good fruit juice that is not too sweet or a milkshake. Visit if you are looking for nices places next your workplace for your lunch break.

Various fritters with potato chips

For a healthy lunch break, with a relatively short break time, it may be a good idea to opt for doughnuts. These can be meat fritters, chicken fritters, fish fritters, shrimp fritters... As an accompaniment, it is possible to opt for potato chips. It should be noted that there are currently fryers that only need a tablespoon of oil to make French fries. This is to say that it is not a too fatty or oily lunch on the go. It is possible to eat it once or twice a week. In addition, potatoes are an excellent source of dietary fibre.

Cake made with dairy products and dried fruit

Sometimes you may feel like eating something slightly sweet for a healthy lunch break, especially if you feel tired. For this, it may be wise to opt for cake enriched with dairy products such as liquid or powdered milk, butter, yoghurt, etc. It is also advisable to opt for cake with dried fruit in it. It is indeed excellent for the maintenance of the immune system and to gain energy. This light and tasty breakfast, a real healthy trend for professionals, can be accompanied by fruit juice, yoghurt or smoothies according to everyone's preferences.