The Paleo diet brings us back to the prehistoric (Paleolithic) way of eating. During this period, people ate only natural foods. There were no processed foods. This diet is not only good for your health, but it also helps you lose weight. This explains its popularity.

The basis of the Paleo

During the Paleolithic period, people lived by gathering and hunting. They ate only natural foods. The Paleolithic diet is based on this pre-industrial eating pattern. This diet is becoming increasingly popular as 74% of the products sold in supermarkets today contain added sugar. We are well aware that this is very harmful to health. It is therefore not so surprising that many people are looking for a diet based on a healthier diet. Eating healthy food is all the more essential at a time when we are constantly stressed by the pace of daily life. This diet is also suitable for people looking for an effective weight loss diet. Avoiding industrial products that are high in calories helps the body to get rid of the fat that has accumulated in them.

Which foods are allowed and which are not?

All fresh fruit and vegetables are allowed. On the other hand, all processed products rich in sugar such as fruit juices in supermarkets, sodas, sweets, ice cream, pastries, etc. are avoided. Cereal products such as oats, rye, pasta, etc. are also not allowed in the paleo diet. This diet also bans the consumption of most dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese, etc.. With a paleo diet program, you do not have to buy ready-made meals. They should be prepared at home. Here is an example of a typical paleo menu to give you a more precise idea of this program. For breakfast, you can eat vegetables and eggs, for example, or avocado smoothie. For lunch, you need a dish rich in protein and good fats, not forgetting vegetables. You can, for example, prepare a chicken salad seasoned with olive oil. For dinner, with a mushroom smoothie, a pan-fried salmon fillet and broccoli, you'll end the day on a high note.

Why and how to adopt the Paleo diet?

The Paleo diet allows you to lose weight in a healthy way. Indeed, a diet low in carbohydrates facilitates weight loss. It is also a varied diet. By consuming a variety of natural products, you provide your body with a range of nutrients. This improves your immune system, reducing the risk of various diseases. Want to test this diet? No more supermarkets! Buy local, high-quality, nutrient-packed products. If you're in the mood for treats, make occasional pastries with whole oilseeds, coconut flour, and honey to satisfy your cravings. You can also eat some dairy products. If you deprive yourself of everything you want to eat, you may end up getting depressed. This is not healthy. Enjoy yourself, but keep your goal in mind. Finally, listen to your body. It is recommended that you follow this program for one month. If you feel well (no headaches, loss of energy, abdominal pain, etc.), continue!