Sugar is one of the four energy elements that the human body needs. Despite its usefulness in ensuring the proper functioning of the body, especially the brain, this highly appreciated flavourful substance has undesirable effects. Both for the human body and for health in general. The question arises as to what are the effects of this substance for the good of everyone?

What happens when you stop consuming sugar

The results are surprising and have already proven through a good deal of scientific research that reducing sugar consumption brings benefits to the body in only 15 days, as does losing weight. Among the different types of sugars, fructose is at the origin of causes that increase the rate of obesity and therefore an undesirable increase in weight. It also weakens the immune system. Scientific researchers have shown that abstaining from sugar is as effective as following a specific diet for weight loss. Fructose, this substance rapidly leads to the formation of fat in the liver. In addition, it provides few nutritional elements and is difficult for the brain to metabolise.

Stopping sugar for a healthy development

Not only for a natural slimming treatment, but also for the general health good, reducing or abstaining from sugars is beneficial for maintaining one's health. Excessive consumption of sugars causes various diseases such as type 2 diabetes, dental caries and cirrhosis. The results also showed that sugars damage proteins in the body and can lead to joint inflammation such as arthritis. For everyone's sake, moderate consumption in a healthy balanced amount is a priority.

Sugar level recommended for daily consumption

The World Health Organization (WHO) has discussed the reasonable amount to be consumed for the health dose. The maximum level should not exceed 10% of caloric intake per day. At less than 5%, i.e. about 25 grams per day, it provides more benefit to the body and overall health. This amount takes into account the sugars that everyone consumes in their daily food intake and also the natural sugars in fruit, honey and derived products such as fruit juices. Sugar consumption should also be monitored by doctors for pregnant women so that it does not have an impact on the baby.