In order to extract the maximum amount of vitamins and trace elements from fruits and vegetables, it is advisable to use a juice extractor. In this way, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy or to keep your figure up. Did you know that the juice extractor is the ideal device to perform the extraction function? Here you will find out where are the stores that sell different types of juice extractors. There are 2 varieties of juice extractors even though the function is quite similar.

Manual juice extractors

The pressing of fruit or vegetables is done by hand with this device. The strength of your arms will therefore ensure the quality of a good pressing. Just make a slow rotation movement to obtain a superior quality. Thus the drinks coming from a manual carbel extractor can be kept for a long time, because no oxidation occurs during the pressing process, the quality of the juice obtained is better and more adapted to sportsmen and women whose body constantly needs vitamins. In addition, the manual juice extractor is a multifunctional device. Apart from obtaining the juice, you also have the possibility to make your own soups as well as compotes and even sorbets. It should be noted that this type of extractor is light so it is easy to transport it during a picnic or a simple stroll. The cleaning is similar to that of a dishwasher, i.e. water and dishwashing liquid will do the job very well.

Electric juice extractors

The purpose of this device is always to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables by separating them from their flesh. However, since it is an electrical appliance, the amount of juice obtained can be higher with a fairly high nutrient content. Thanks to the integrated motor, this machine is ranked among the most efficient. There are 2 models of vertical and horizontal electric juice extractor. The function of the 2 types of machines is the same, the buyer just has the choice between the 2 shapes according to his own design and location in his kitchen. Thus, the motor turns one or two screws to grind the food. The food still retains the vitamins and other nutrients despite being ground. The resulting juice can be stored for 12 to 24 hours.

Advantages of a juice extractor

It is necessary to consume fruits and vegetables in order to draw the maximum amount of vitamins as well as the various trace elements necessary for the well-being of the human body. In order to facilitate the intake of these vitamins, the juice extractor gives a yield of more than 30% compared to other devices that can extract the juice from fruits and vegetables. Since a juice extractor is a cold-pressing device, it is part of the elements for staying healthy, so the nutrients are better for the body when contained in the juices rather than in the raw food.