Sustainable fishing is a method that has a particular influence on respect for the environment, by limiting the number of species and above all by banning techniques that risk damaging the ecological niche. Of course, you have a great desire to find fish stalls on the market for grilling or why not barbecuing. But a question arises, what are the means to be implemented to buy some while taking into account the hazards of fishing?

Buying sustainable fish through supermarkets

Buying sustainable fish is one of the concerns of fish lovers. To do so, there are some things to consider to reduce the impact of your food on the environment. However, the available fish stocks are severely depleted. For example, the exploited reserves for biologically sustainable fish are estimated at 90%. Health agencies reported in their survey that for two thirds of the cases that occur, the mandatory mentions of fishing areas and techniques are undefined. Similarly, 86 per cent of the fish examined are stated as unsustainable products because they come from overexploited areas or the fishing methods adopted are questionable. The association strongly recommends varying fish purchases by favouring species such as saithe, whiting or herring, but banning purchases of dangerous fish such as grenadier, black scabbard and blue ling.

Buying sustainable fish through distributors

It is also quite possible to buy sustainable fish through producers or sellers. This is a technique of the time, but still a current practice. On the other hand, those who prefer to stay on their sofas. All you have to do is make your reservation online.