Currently, many people are suffering from diabetes or those who do not consume too much sugar. It is true that some products without chemical treatments in supermarkets are expensive, but they are useful for your health. It is absolutely essential to make the right choice of organic food for everyday nutrition.

The choice of organic food in the various departments

There are a variety of organic foods to be eaten at points of sale and supermarkets. Even if the price of organic products is expensive, you can buy them within your budget. For example, once you land in a vegetable department, you can buy potatoes. Since they contain Vitamin C according to the Czech comparative study between 1996 and 1998. On the other hand, if you buy tomatoes. Whether you buy organic or non-organic tomatoes. They are similar because they contain lycopene and vitamin C. The salad has a higher level of pesticides. According to statistical results in France, 16% of them contain chemicals that are banned in the heart of France. On the subject of fruit, strawberries have gone through treatments. According to the study carried out in Europe in 2003, 63% of strawberries are exposed to palpable residues, as is the case in Great Britain, and this is also true in Europe. As far as fresh produce, such as milk, is concerned. A survey conducted by professors from the University of Berne has indicated that organic cow's milk contains udder infections. These can contaminate milk with microbial germs.

The introduction of organic food into the daily diet

It is essential for human health to introduce organic food into the diet. Natural nutrition is an essential point to consider in order to favour high quality ingredients and to warn of possible chemicals. In this sense, the buyers' portfolio is affected by this reality, as producers until 1996 in France were under the obligation not to use chemical pesticides and above all to insert medicines into farm animals. In order to do this, producers also had to pay out money. Find out nearby health food stores on This is an approach that aims to ensure the protection of the environment, the climate and the choice of breeds of animals with their feed.

Organic products: why choose them?

A priori, organic food is a great help for diabetics or those who do not want to eat too much sugar. In spite of the spread of products such as toast, sauces or pizzas on the market stalls, buying an organic item allows everyone to reduce their daily sugar consumption.