The seeds of the plants have several virtues as antioxidants, calming and purifying, digestive. Can be used for slimming programs or to gain weight, there are types of seeds such as sunflower seeds that can be used in both directions.

Sunflower flower

The sunflower is symbolized as a reminder of the sun and love by Greek mythology because the nymph Clytia fell in love with the sun god Apollo when the latter did not respond to her love. The sunflower is of North and South American origin, the Indians ate the sunflower seed with corn and pumpkins. Being a plant of the asteraceae family, the sunflower always remains turned towards the sun because it is one of the plants that grow by exploiting the sunlight. This large plant is characterized by its stem that can reach a height of up to 4 meters and a flower with a diameter of 30 centimeters.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds or pipasols provide many health benefits, more than half of the sunflower seed is composed of lipids that protect against cardiovascular disease. Being a dried fruit, pipasols are known for their essential fatty acid content, especially linoleic acid and other fatty acids. A consumption of 30g of seed per day according to nutritionists, fights diabetes and cholesterol because unsaturated fatty acids have positive effects on cholesterol. Eating sunflower seeds reduces the risk of cardiac arrhythmia and reduces inflammation and premenstrual disorders.

Do pipasols make you fat?

Pipasols or sunflower seeds are a concentrate of nutrients. Because of the good fats, proteins and fibres in sunflower seeds, they are perfect for satisfying hunger and stabilizing blood sugar levels. 100 grams of pipasol provide 653 calories, they are in comparison with almond seeds more caloric.  Eating them peeled and mixed with salt can be fattier by its high calorie content than eating a whole bar of chocolate. So indeed, sunflower seeds can be an element leading a person to gain weight. Made up of several nutritional components, sunflower seeds, because of their high calorie content, can be added to a program to help you gain weight.